Hello Fuckfaces!

So I have a blog again wow I am about 6 years behind this trend.  This was all inspired by two things my buddy having one and the old dude at the Echo & the Bunnymen show who yelled at me for using a cell phone then using the phrase “Why don’t you just go blog about it!” to which I replied “Go piss in your depends.”  Anyway thanks jaded-40-something-year-old-dude-who-probably-lives-in-Williamsburg-to-stay-hip-and-dates-the-under-22-crowd-and-steals-their-drugs-to-seem-relevant-again for giving me the inspiration for the name.  You are not going to find groundbreaking news or journalism, indepth reviews of shit, music leaked before it is released or celebrity gossip, if you want shit like that google it.  What you are going to find is some of my insight, rants, raves, and some of the weirdest shit I can find on the internet.  Oh yeah also you will get a great laugh at some of my grammar mistakes.  Thanks keep reading


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